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Mar 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. all the analysts say they don't have the technology to make that happen right now. but this idea of hitting americans in the pacific area, much more plausible. look at this. from pyongyang to japan, about 800 miles. as you mentioned, thousands and thousands of troops there. army, navy, air force, marines. all of them represented in japan. it's about 2,000 miles down to guam down here. only about 5700 troops down there. but, boy, is this an attractive target, one of the most important bomber bases on the planet for the united states, jake. >> what would the north koreans use to deliver such attacks? >> in all likelihood a missile attack. remember the big launch sometime back where they managed to put a multi stage missile into space? that was a very big deal for them. it is still kind of experimental and doesn't suggest they could do those really long launches but they have lower grade missiles, the taepodong series which possibly could carry a small nuke, certainly conventional war heds for the distance we're talking about with some accuracy. >> aren't the bases protected by some
Mar 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
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Mar 22, 2013 1:00pm PDT
you would see in silicon valley, entrepreneurs who just have innovative new technologies that they think will be the next big thing. in fact, one of the investors sold a startup to a big high tech company in the valley and he is now looking for a place to put that money. it is almost what you would see in any new industry in terms of the flurry of activity. it's not just the spicolis. >> too bad. i liked jeff spicoli. thanks so much for joining us. >>> apple lovers now, the second longest split second of your life when you drop your iphone and all you can do is pray to steve jobs that it won't land face down. sometime soon that might be a problem of the past. the apple insider has discovered the company has filed a patent for a device that can detect when your phone is in freefall. it will then shift the center of mass so the phone will land on its engine stead of its screen. that's the hope anyway. what's more annoying than harvard totally destroying your ncaa bracket? well, for me at least online ads. they beg you to refinance your that y heod n noticed.belly fat but th
Mar 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
are taking on other issues close to their hearts, education and technology. jack dorsey co-founder of twitter and founder of square joined zuckerberg, bill gates and a host of others in a campaign that encourages schools to teach computer coding. now, jake, the reason they're starting with immigration is because it's moving through congress right now. it's a bipartisan push. and it affects their industry. >> but, erin, i interviewed jack dorsey a couple of weeks ago. i can't tell if these guys are liberal, if they're conservative. you see zuckerberg doing something for obama, something for republican governor christie. where are they in their politics >> from what -- from the people i've talked to, i don't think that they even know. and a lot of the republican organizers of this very thing are saying that a lot of these multimillionaire, mounta multibillionaire techies are just learning how government affects their industries for good and bad. some of them think the obama administration does stifle business growth. so they want to get involved. >> erin, thank you. >>> our sports lead. if you
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4